Monday, April 18, 2011

What is Wrong With Me?

You know when it's a nice day out and you're wearing a scoop neck or V neck shirt and at some point during the day you look down and notice you got a little bit sun burnt (or tan if you're skin likes to do that sort of thing), but it doesn't look too bad so you forget about it.  But then later that night you take your shirt off and you see that the exposed skin is a COMPLETELY different color than the rest of your chest. 

That happens to other people right? 


Well it happened to me last night.  But instead of my skin being pink, it was blue.  From that stupid spray paint again.  I thought I learned my lesson and would never spray paint in the wind again.  Yeah, I guess not.

1 comment:

BNM said...

This happened to my legs yesterday on my spray paint project!! If you take the green scratchy side of a sponge with some salt and water will scrub it right off [:

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