Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Call Me Wilma

Because I must live in the Stone Age.


I've gotten a couple emails about my reveal picture from the Under $15 Gallery Wall.  YES, we do have a land line.  And it's corded even.  I know.  You don't need to say it.  We originally got it when the cable company was offering a bundle price for TV, Internet, and phone and we figured we should get an answering machine for it.  But we're cheap so we got a corded one. 

Funny story though.  When we were looking for locations for our wedding I left the land line number as a contact because, I don't know why.  I guess because we'd just gotten it and I thought it should get used.  So weeks go by and we don't hear back from anyone.  What the?  I mean one or two locations not calling is understandable.  Ballrooms get busy.  But none of them?  Then we found out the land line came with a digital voicemail box.  Like a cell phone has.  And guess what?  EVERYONE had called us back.  Oops!  Turns out we didn't need an answering machine after all, but now we had one so we canceled the digital voicemail (it was an extra dollar a month) and were left with this monstrosity: 

We were going to cancel the land line when we moved, but they gave us another deal, so we kept it.  Plus, our house has a million phone jacks (at least one in every room, including the bathrooms and the master closet, which isn't even a walk-in) so we figured we could plug the phone in wherever and put the phone jacks to use.  We were wrong.  Turns out, none of the phone jacks work.  I lie.  The one in the master bath worked for a minute, but then it made our cable go out on our TV in the living room.  Stupid wiring.  So the only way to make the land line work is to have the phone plugged in directly to the modem.  Next to the TV.  It's really very attractive.  Jealous much?

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