Monday, April 4, 2011

I Swear I'm Not a Smurf

I just look like one today.

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I got a chance to start painting that filling cabinet (you know, the one I tried to paint Saturday) yesterday.  I say "start" because I ran out of paint before I was done, so I'll have to pick some up later.  While I still had paint, I learned a very important lesson.  Spray painting in the wind isn't the greatest idea.  I washed my hands like 20 times last night, but I guess the dish soap wasn't cutting it. We still haven't unpacked all of our cleaning supplies (mostly because I'm not sure where they all are) so we use dish soap to wash our hands.  Unfortunately, my hands still have a lovely blue speckling on them today.  Maybe it's because the dish soap is blue.  And I just noticed my wedding ring is speckled too.  Grrrrr.  Maybe I'm not supposed to mess with that filing cabinet.

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