About the House (and the People who Live in it)

I'm Kelli
My Photo
I promise to post an actual picture of me when I find my pictures or camera

and I own the house in a suburb of Portland, Oregon

with my husband Isaac (who has elected to be referred to as Handy).
My Photo
I probably won't post a picture of him because he doesn't like having his picture taken, but you never know...

We were married in 2008

and wanted nothing more than to buy our first home in the spring of 2009.  Unfortunately, a few obstacles popped up and we had to put our home ownership dreams on hold. 

By fall 2010 the obstacles were behind us and we had the chance to start looking for houses.  The process of finding a house went quickly (the time between meeting our realtor for the first time and having our offer accepted was just under a week) but the paperwork process didn't follow suit.  After months of delays, we finally got the keys to our first home in January of 2011. 

We {heart}our house, but we moved from a rental that was about half the size and consequentially don't have nearly enough furniture for the space.  We want to make it feel like we live in our house (not that we're just squatting), but don't have much of a budget to do it. 

I realized we must not be the only ones in this situation, so I've decided to chronicle my adventures in decorating for everyone else feeling overwhelmed with an empty house to fill.

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