Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trina Rose Boutique

Remember how excited I was when I won my first giveaway?  Well after the excitement wore off, I had to head over to Trina Rose Boutique to pick out my prize. 

Trina Rose Boutique

There were a ton of adorable pillows to chose from and with a $25 store credit I'd hardly have to pay anything to get one shipped to me.  After some hemming and hawing I made my choice.  I sent Alli a note in the comments section letting her know it was me, so I'd get my credit, and in a couple days my pillow arrived...

Isn't it the cutest thing ever?  And with my store credit I only paid $2 for shipping, which makes me {heart} the pillow even more.  Alli is super sweet and has all kinds of cute stuff available in her etsy shop, so you should definitely check it out.  Plus, at the Trina Rose Boutique Blog she posts pictures of the projects she's currently working on, so you know what to expect in her shop.   When I decide where I'm going to put this little cutie I'll post a picture for you guys to see it in it's new home.  Thanks again Alli! 

1 comment:

Alli @ Trina Rose Boutique said...

Thanks Kelli...I'm so glad you are enjoying your new pillow!! :-)

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