Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A House to Fill

     My husband and I just bought a house.  I'm probably using the term "just" a little loosely since we got it in January, but in the scheme of how long we'll have it, a couple months isn't much.  We love the house and it feels amazing to own instead of rent, but we have a problem.  Our house feels totally empty.  Apparently we don't have anywhere near as much furniture as we thought we did.

     For the last four years we lived in a tiny rental house.  And when I say tiny, I mean tiny.  Don't get me wrong, we liked living there.  It was nice to be in a house instead of an apartment.  It was great that we didn't have to worry about being too loud, or doing laundry to late (our previous apartment had a "no laundry after 9pm" rule that I had a hard time abiding by), or competing for parking.  And we loved our land lady.  But that house was small and we barely fit in it.  I can't even try to convey to you how frustrating it was to find a piece of furniture at a thrift store that I LOVED, but couldn't buy because there was absolutely no place in our miniature house to put it. 

     Needless to say, one of the things I was most looking forward to about buying our house was having the space to spread out and use all the furniture we had.  Unfortunately I didn't consider that we wouldn't have nearly enough furniture to spread out.  To say our living areas look sparse is being generous.  But we don't have a load of money (we did just buy a house) to spend on furniture and decor.  So I'm about to embark on a mission to scour every thrift store and leave no discount store unshopped until I no longer have an empty house to fill.

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Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

Can't wait to see how you fill it! :)

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